Fate Night!

Street kids and cadavers

We joined the action right where we left off; Deena was bargaining for the release of her friends. Juan Valdez needed two things – a particularly nosey cop out of their hair and the whereabouts of a suspected rival cartel’s bunker. Deena agreed of course and gave her word they would take care of it. She considered offering to return her friends in case she couldn’t succeed.
As Arthur and Lawrence were being let out of the cartel’s compound, Arthur’s curiosity compelled him to “accidentally” bump into a door left ajar and revealed hard evidence of drug dealing and money laundering. What will he do with this knowledge? Who knows?
Finally on the outside, the party of adventurers reconvened at the Poco Loco to discuss their new task. While conversing with Carlos the bar tender, they learned that a second stabbing victim was discovered and returned to the morgue at the police station. Carlos happens to know officer Jesus and graciously agree to meet his friends the next morning. The three amigos discussed that now may not be the best time to get deal with Jesus and decided to put off dealing with him for later. Carlos canceled the meeting and called a taxi for them the following morning and they made their way to the Southern Slums of Juarez.
As they exited the taxi, the street urchins of the city took immediate notice and promptly went into thieving mode. Before he knew which way to go, Lawrence lost a crucifix and Arthur lost his phone. Deena, being the woman that she is and with her past, caught one of the little buggers and quickly secluded him to interrogate. Lawrence tried the tough guy approach at first and the brat went white at the mention of the word killing. Switching tactics, Lawrence empathized enough to get the kid to show them what he found. The kid led them through the twisted alleys and back-ways until they reached a dead end. No pun intended. The kid tried to run away but Deena was on guard duty and the kid was forced to stay. The other guys investigated the body.
Lawrence and Arthur came to the conclusion that his victim died in a similar way to the one they seen before – death by soul evacuation. The gaping hole in the chest is another easy clue. Arthur and is antiquities research remembered a ritual the ancient Mayan would perform. The sacrifice would willingly offer their lives to appease their gods. The surrounding area offered no further clues as to who else was involved, but the body did contain a familiar tattoo of a pyramid and several small packets of unusual ingredients.
Lawrence snapped a quick pic of the tattoo and showed it to the kid who knew of someone who might know more. He successfully led our investigators out of the alleyways back to the market. While Arthur was attempting to keep up with the youthful guide, he managed to catch a glimpse of a Deena’s doppelganger but lost her just as quick. The kid pointed out the fellow who could help them identify the tattoo and Deena rewarded their friend with a shiny american quarter. She also could notice the eyes of several others on them as they made their way through the market. Upon reaching the man they would later be introduced to as Fernando, the gang of pickpockets scattered upon word of their former guide and Fernando welcomed them to his shop of fine wares. Lawrence got straight to the point with the picture which made Fernando nervous and he offered to show them better stuff “inside”.
Once the eyes of the street were off them, he sized up his visitors and using his contacts, he decided they don’t pose him an immediate threat and tells them what he knows. The tattoo is of a group of Mayan descendants who call themselves the Mayan Matadors. (lame name I know but I am sticking with it) They operate somewhere in the southern portion of Juarez but can not narrow it down any more than that. He also identifies the ingredients as coming from a shop a few blocks away in the market. A woman Selena Varos has a shop there but he insists that you do not tell her he sent you there. He appears to be afraid of her.
They leave the shop and wander over to the shop. Deena only can spy 1 observer and decides to stay outside to see if she can figure out where the others went and who they work for. Inside the shop, a thin, pale woman greets them and asks what she can get them. Lawrence once again over estimates his charm and casually requests the same ingredients they found on the dead body. Selena stares at Lawrence and quietly starts to mumble something and fingers some herbs in her palm. Luckily, Lawrence is familiar with evil and its many forms and knows that she is trying to curse him. He quickly recites a purification spell which negates the curse which Arthur could actually feel like a shockwave. Selena is shocked of course that someone could counter her spell. Lawrence doesn’t take kindly to the attempt and questions Selena about who she sold the ingredients to. She laughs and says the person who bought them is dead as proof of the body you found.
I think this is about where Jeremy left.
Lawrence believes his exorcist training has prepared him to face a witch doctor like this, and bets that he can counter any spell that Selena can cast. Selena cackles like the proverbial witch she is, and accepts. She will cast a curse on Professor Richardson over there, and if Lawrence can remove it (in time) she will tell them what little information she knows about the killings.

Death by Soul extraction?

After receiving a call from a man named Farley, our party of investigators were shipped via short bus to Juarez Mexico to search for a stolen artifact. No one knows what it is yet, but it is somehow tied to several murders that have happened recently. After stopping at the Poco Loco to meet Farley’s contact Carlos, the three of them took a cab to the police station to start looking for clues. Professor Richardson managed to talk his way into the morgue to examine the bodies. Meanwhile, Deena caught a glance of a woman checking them out and sent Lawrence to investigate.

Lawrence identified several more suspicious characters and tracked them to an alley a couple blocks from the station. When he returned, Arthur and Deena described the bodies of a hanged man and a stabbed man. the Stabbed man sounded the most suspicious and so Lawrence thought he needed to see it for himself. He failed at flirting with one of the Mexican tellers, but managed to get enough pity to have her call the coroner and get him five minutes. He gave her the location of where they were staying in case she changed her mind.

While investigating the body, Lawrence could see what the other two could not. While a gaping hole in the chest may be the obvious cause of death, the body’s soul left the body before the heart stopped and so that was the true cause of death. Lawrence whipped out his medallion to test for positive or negative energies and found neither one present.

The group reconvened on the street outside the police station and the curios nature of our professor and burgler got the better of them and decided to investigate the alley door. Of course the occupants of the building took notice and do not take kindly to strangers snooping around their back door. Five guys with heavy guns storm the alley and take Lawrence without a fight, they catch the bad-backed professor, but lose Deena in the crowed street. As of now, Arthur and Lawrence are being held in the compound.

Deena meanwhile could see her friends being captured and immediately started looking for a way to help them. As she made her way to the front of the building, it was a local bar. As soon as she stepped foot into it, a mand approached her and identified her from her days as a thief’s guild matron. Quickly taking advantage of the situation, the man, Miguel, started to bargain for her friends release. He asks her to do two things…

Introduction to the Mexican Murder Adventure

The team of Lawrence, Deena, and Jack return to Arthur’s office late in the evening to catch him up on the events that transpired in Branson TX. When their tale is finished, the phone rings and Arthur picks up the phone and immediately puts it on speaker. The voice on the phone says his name is Farley. Farley is a wealthy investor and collector of rare antiquities. His collection focuses around the mystical and typically misunderstood. Farley has personally financed several of Professor Arthur’s expeditions. One of his many companies – Viridian Mining – has alerted him to their involvement. Rather than sound upset about the incident in Branson, Farley sounds pleased with the outcome and asks to hire them as an artifact retrieval team.
Recently, several pieces of his collection were stolen and he is willing to pay well for the discreet return of his items by any means necessary. Should you all decide to accept, you will be reimbursed for all mission expenses and paid a hefty salary upon return and a bonus if the artifact is recovered intact.
Through Farley’s many contacts throughout the world, he has been able to pick up a promising lead on one of his missing treasures to a location somewhat near to you. It is across the border in Juarez Mexico. Jack still remains close to many of his military contacts, and Farley understands that if would be best if he stayed out of foreign affairs and recommends Jack stay behind. Farley tells them that he has already arranged transport to his contact and if they accept, to meet in the parking lot outside professor Richardson’s office with any gear they deem necessary.

The end of the Wishing Well

As the sounds of the approaching squad cars grew in volume, Jack thought better of making a scene and hopped back into the truck. As Lawrence was retreating, the enraged Edith dove to tackle him but missed. Lawrence quickly looks both ways and bounces off the side ropes and delivered an electrifying people’s elbow to the small of her back and effectively puts her down for the count. Deena considered asking Edith some more questions and directs Jack to pull around and load her into the truck bed. The sound of a shotgun going off across the street was enough for them to reconsider and make their escape. Lawrence had no intention of letting Eddie go without telling all he knows and runs into the house and picks up the sniveling coward and ushered him out the back.

Of course Jack feels bad leaving a man behind, but figures he can pull some strings if he needs to should he get pinched. Jack and Deena decide to see if Jimmy has been hiding anything and go to find out what he knows about the writing in the quarry. They show up at 1 in the morning and Jack pushes him up against the wall to let him know they mean business. Jimmy denies making any wishes and knees Jack in the groin to finalize his point. Reaching another dead end, Jack and Deena return to the truck and receive a call from Lawrrence.

Apparently, Lawrence is a true bad boy and didn’t think twice about kidnapping poor Eddie, stealing his car, ramming a cop car on the way out and breaking into a closed junk by firing a gun at the lock. Deena and Jack have both done some sketchy things in the past, so they try and look past the hardened criminal Lawrence is becoming and find out what he knows.

Eddie found the writing as a kid and just like Deena, tested it out. Eddie’s wish came true but at the cost of his aunt dying. He later wanted Edi to be his and made another wish. Edi was then his, but she changed. She did not like to share and he knew he would never be rid of her. He also fervently denies making any wish relating to Jimmy’s dead friend and swears he didn’t share his secret with anyone. Oh, and Lawrence also needs to be picked up because he gave the car back to Eddie and just wandered down the road for dramatic effect.

The reconvened and came to the conclusion that someone else must have made a wish to see Jimmy’s dead friend. But how to find them was the problem. A suggestion was made to check the medical histories in the local doctors office and see if anyone has self inflicted scars on their record. It is a long shot but Jack was eventually talked into giving it a shot. As they approached the vet/doctor’s office, a squad car is out front. Apparently the elbow to the back and a clay pot to the face is enough to warrant a trip to the doctors. Not wanting to be recognized, they decide to wait until they leave so they can break in. The hardware store just wasn’t enough to satisfy Deena’s need for burglarizing.

While Lawrence took a nap in the back, Jack re-thought the current plan and came to the conclusion this is a fools errand and drove the three of them back to the hotel. Deena stopped for a snack and of course the frickin’ chips get stuck and after a hefty hip-check to dislodge them, the entire machine tips over onto Deena. The shattered glass cut her up fairly well, but she had some extra free food to make up for it.

The next day, they figured since the Mickleson’s home is at the center of the mystery, they needed to investigate the home some more. Since last night’s attempted home invasion (?) didn’t end particularly well, they were banking on the fact that is was dark, and didn’t see anything that they wouldn’t be recognized. With luck, the wife answered the door and posing as religious missionaries, were actually invited in. A one in a million long shot but it worked! Lawrence started the meeting a genuine blessing while Deena made the excuse that like the Southern Border of Israel, she was near the red sea. Taking the hint, she directs her upstairs.

Deena of course takes the opportunity to scout out the place and opens the door and ducks in time to avoid a baseball bat to the head. The young man in front of her had his head attached at an impossible angle but it was not enough to stop him from swinging that bat. Hearing the commotion from below, Jack runs upstairs and assesses the situation and in a moment, draws his firearm and aims at center mass. The zombie turns to the new threat and takes half a step forward only to be shot in the chest. He takes another half a step and receives a second hole in his lungs and topples back into his room. Meanwhile, Lawrence and Mrs. Mickleson run upstairs and see the carnage.

Our of nowhere, Mr. Mickleson shows up with shotgun in hand ready to deal out vengeance Texas style. The three strangers in front of him have clearly discovered his secret and he confesses to missing his son too badly and testing the rumors. He brought his son back but he was not the same. Lawrence sees the man crack on the inside and they all leave him to his mess to clean up. As they exit the home two shots ring out followed by a woman’s wail and a little later a third shot. (yes i added the third shot to tie up loose ends)

Well, that mystery is solved, but the door is still open for future disasters.The least of which is what will happen to the town when the water is completely drained? They provided several options including filling the enitre quarry with cement, contaminate the water with radioactive waste, and blowing the whole thing up. Blowing the quarry up was the decision least objectionable. If they can collapse the one side, the hill should fill in the majority of the quarry and be enough for Veridian company to rethink re-opening the mine.

As another stroke of luck, the right amount of TNT was already on site, unguarded and all the work to rig it up was practically done for them. In two shakes of a lambs tale, the quarry blew sky high and the swimming hole was no more. The three of the quickly leave the scene hoping no one will find them and they head back to Arthur Richardsons office to fill him in on the adventure.

Crazy Eddie

Jack listened to the Librarian’s story about the suicide lovers and figures he could care less about an old man’s hand injury. Jack and his two new “friends” leave the Pig and decide on their next move. Lawrence and Deena want to find out what crazy Eddie was trying to hide and figure there must be some records in the old hardware store. Doubting they could just walk in and ask for them, they figure breaking in at night is the better plan.

Jack leaves them to their nefarious activity and drives out to the old quarry to take a look. An old dirt road led to an electrified fence. Not wanting to test if it was live or not, Jack started to circumnavigate the fence and came to a high point to scout out the quarry. From what he could see, the drowned quarry was just that – a pit filled with water. However, the water level was recently higher than what it appeared based on the vegetation growth surrounding the pond.

Jack contacted his partners and informed them that he was going to recon the quarry activity. Jack patiently viewed the scene through his binoculars and watched as tanker truck after tanker truck filled up with lake water and drove off. Overall, boring and uneventful.

By the time Lawrence and Deena finally showed up, fresh off their crime spree, it was past dark and all of the day workers were gone. Jack convinced Deena to climb down to the water and take a sample in case the water itself was significant. Jack and Lawrence would gain access and see what information they could dig up in the office. Jack bluffed the stupid hick of a rent a cop without much trouble and quickly gained the access needed. Lawrence distracted the guard so Jack could get look for anything helpful. He discovered that a new mining company bought the land contract and were planning on re-opening the quarry. The first step of which is to drain the existing water out. A process that would take about two weeks. He swiped the name and contact info for the site manager and left before growing suspicious. Deena could vaguely be seen in the distance retreating from the water level and Lawrence and Jack thought it best to lead the guard in a different direction.

Deena snagged herself a sample of the scummy quarry water and on her way out, spied a small cave. Being the curious burglar she is, she crawled in to see where it led. Near the back, carved into the rock were curly swirly letters that gave the impression that a blood offering would grant a wish but if the water was gone, the town would be destroyed. (please send out the little poem if you would be so kind Jeremy)

After leaving the guard feeling like he did his job and helped the big wigs, the three investigators reconvened at the vehicles to compare notes. Deena showed a picture of the writing and light bulbs began to light inside peoples heads. If the writing is true, this could be the source of people’s success. Deena admits she thought the same thing and wanted to try and test the theory herself. She secretly wished for free food and cut the top of her hand. If free food comes her way, it will be point in the validity of the theory. Lawrence wanted to test the theory too, but didnt feel like sharing how.

He asked to be dropped off by the Micklesons’s house. At 11:30 at night, he wakes them up and hides from thier view. Even after hearing a shotgun shell being loaded into the chamber, he continued to provoke Mr. Mickleson until he called the cops. Jack finally figures out he is looking for Eddie and directs him across the street.

Lawrence wakes up Eddie to confront him once again and barges into the foyer when he answers the door. Deena remains outside as a lookout while Jack keeps the truck running. Lawrence succeeds in frightening the old man but also wakes up the beast upstairs. Eddie manages to squeak out a warning – “Now you’ve done it” as his wife rushes down the stairs like a bat out of hell. Her appearance is that of a 30 something year old but the look on her face at the moment would curdle milk. Mrs. crazy Eddie slams into Lawrence like a linebacker thrice her size and snags him by his jacket. Deena dodges narrowly back through the doorway as Jack can now see the scene. Jack quickly exits the vehicle and points his sidearm at the psycho lady and orders her to let them go. Lawrence take the opportunity push himself free and whip a clay pot in her face.

And so there ends the latest episode of FATEful Wednesdays. Jack has his pistol drawn and aimed, Deena is outside the home, Lawrence is bruised and beaten, Eddie is whimpering on the floor of his house, and his wife has blood dripping from her face with a broken jaw angrier than grizzly without it’s cub. The cops that were called earlier are approaching so the investigators better get this situation under control fast!

Odd stories in an Odd town

The next chapter in the FATEful Wednesday saga is in the books. Lets recap shall we?

Lawrence, Deena and Jack are in a small Texas town trying to get to the bottom of Jimmy Richardson’s paranormal sightings. After checking into the motel, they headed to the local watering holes to scrounge up some leads.

The Britania Bar was patronized by Jack who after receiving his fish and chips, witnessed a tragic accident which left the grey haired bar owner dead of a broken neck. Jack heard the bar tender mutter under his breath after a tongue lashing how he’d wish she would kick the bucket. After the police came, Jack headed to the Ace of Spades to see what the other two found.

Luke, Jimmy’s friend thought he could get somewhere by buying Deena a drink but Deena become non-interested when Jimmy walked in. Jimmy spoke with Lawrence and Deena about his sightings – two for sure and once was a maybe. He swore he seen Danny standing in his old house looking out through the window. Jack showed up and was told with 100% recollection exactly what Jimmy told Deena and Lawrence. The three of them left before bar close but still late. Jack retired for the night, while Lawrence and Deena choose to swing by the Michelson residence for some late night investigating.

Deena and Lawrence parked the bike down the street and stealthily wandered down the street to the residence. Lawrence whipped out his special evil detecting medallion, but nothing was detected. Deena was talked out of breaking in to investigate – at least for now.

The next morning as they were preparing to leave to continue the investigation, The motel owner was shocked to see the pool, which was empty the night before, full of water. (or was it mountain dew? I wasnt paying too close attention to this part.) They filed that knowledge in the back of their heads and continued on. Jack and Deena dropped Lawrence off at the library to allow him the chance to get a little background on the town and themselves went to meet the Michelsons.

Mr. Michleson was less than cooperative about discussing their son’s death and closed the door like the mormons were at the door. Deena notices the shades across the street quickly close and convinced Jack to maybe see what they know. An elderly man who was being hounded by his wife in the background was unable to talk at that time but said he was going out for a toilet paper run later that day and maybe they could talk while he shopped.

On their way back to the library, a veridian tanker truck speeds through an intersection but no collision occurred. Must be those crazy Texas drivers. Back at the Library, Lawrence didn’t find anything crazy that stood out, but somehow he noticed an inexplicably frequent occurrence of minor fortunes. The hardware store owner makes it rich, a rookie card is found behind a painting, and a long lost aunt dies and leaves a fortune to her distant nephew in town. As of now, no connection can be made linking these events, but the group does have a hint of suspicion that somehow they might be. They leave the mess of newspapers behind for the librarian to clean up and head to the Pig to shop.

The squirrly man is spotted and the three of them try and talk to him near the organic foods stand. The man doesnt say much and Lawrence’s overly friendly advances seem to just make him more uneasy. Deena recalls seeing a deep, scar running along his palm and questions him about it. The man lies (as identified by Lawrence) that it was from an accident helping his pa at the hardware store many years ago.

Either the library is still a mess or the librarian is really good at stacking newspapers, but she manages to find time to go shopping and spots the out-of-towners talking to crazy Eddie. She recalls that they were looking for odd happenings in the town and suggests an old legend they have as evidence. While not a specifically documented event, it could prove useful.

The Librarian tells a tale of how a boy fell in love with a girl. The girl didnt feel the same way and spurned his advances. The boy feels if he can’t have her noone can and knocks her unconscious. He takes her and himself for a drive and speeds Bonnie and Clyde style straight into a flooded quarry. They die of course and the legend about what happens to this day continues to change, but the flooded quarry is still there and the town has taken to calling it a “wishing well.”

Keep it weird Austin!
summary by Andrew

“The Esteemed” Professor Arthur Richardson received a call from his nephew stating he has been seeing the ghost of his deceased friend. Of course he calls his quirky uncle for a bit of help. Having a prior engagement, Arthur calls in a couple friends that have helped him in the past and that he knows will not dismiss this as a crazy endeavor.

Colonel Jack O’neill and Lawrence Benedict meet in the professor’s cluttered office and although they are no where near close friends, they still have a mutual respect for each other. This new professional working relationship took to the road in Jack’s truck and stopped for some food and fuel. As luck would have it, Deena appears at that same truck stop and how strange that both Jack and Lawrence know her. After what is certainly just a misunderstanding, the three of them leave in a hurry and make it to the small town that Arthur’s nephew resides in. They check into the two-lips motel but decide to get a drink before bed.

Deena and Lawrence head to the contemporary bar with Lawrence riding bitch on Deena’s crotch rocket. Jack instead chose to go to the British pub for a more quiet drink.

Deena found old habits hard to break and couldn’t resist a easy pocket to pick. Luckily, the innocent victim has not yet noticed and Deena emerges a few bucks richer.

Lawrence also couldn’t resist making a bet with the locals. His attempt to play a dart shark failed, but still managed to win a hundred bucks and escaped without causing a fight. Who knows how many times that will happen in the future.

The only information that they have been able to glean so far is that he has friends that hang out at the bar. One has taken a shine to Deena which could become useful later on. Also, the friend that died was an old childhood friend and they died about 14 years ago or so, not recently.

End Scene


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